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Make way

for baby


are images from the not-

so-distant past: an anxious dad pacing

the waiting room, eager for word of

his wife and new baby. Grandparents

given just a peek of their newest

grandchild. A new baby’s siblings,

aunts and uncles kept away.

What a difference a few decades

make. Today, childbirth is often

considered a family affair, with loved

ones and friends visiting the hospital

and even attending the birth.

Having a baby is a joyful

event that many moms

understandably want to share

with others. And more women are

glad to be welcoming their babies

through a family-centered approach

to childbirth.

We’re proud to offer this style

of maternity care, which can help

family members be more involved in

the birthing process within the safe

environment of the hospital.

Doctors and nurses focus on

delivering high-quality medical

care—on what’s best for mom

and her baby. But women are

encouraged to make personal

choices during the process as

well. And families and friends are

welcome to be involved.

Guiding principles

We know that mothers and

their families want a personalized

experience during and after the birth

of a new baby. And we embrace a

family-centered model of childbirth




Recognizing the individual needs

of the mother and her family.



Providing coordinated,

compassionate care before, during

and after the birth.



Encouraging strong bonds

between a mother and her newborn

and helping establish a good feeding




Having an experienced, skilled

and caring medical staff.

Here for new parents

One thing that hasn’t changed

over time is that new parents usually

have questions and concerns about

caring for a newborn.

You can be assured that staff

members are available 24 hours a

day to answer those questions and to

offer support and encouragement for

new families.

To learn more about our childbirth

program, including childbirth classes,




C E R T I F I E D N U R S E - M I D W I V E S

They deliver more than babies

Did you know that there is a group of

medical professionals that offer top-

quality care for women of all ages,

through every stage of life? They are

Certified Nurse-Midwives (CNMs).

Midwives are probably best known for

helping women give birth. But CNMs also

care for women from the time of their first

menstrual periods through menopause—

and beyond.

Each CNM is a licensed registered

nurse who graduated from an accredited

college or university, obtained an

advanced degree in midwifery, and

passed a national certification exam.

This background, along with extensive

hands-on clinical training, enables them

to offer a full range of primary care to

women, such as:

w w

Providing well-woman exams, including

doing Pap tests and breast exams.

w w

Providing information about health

screenings, tests and vaccines.

w w

Counseling women about family


w w

Treating sexually transmitted infections.

w w

Writing prescriptions for treatments

and medications.

w w

Offering health education on topics

such as basic nutrition and parenting.

w w

Helping women navigate menopause.

The University of Vermont Health

Network–Alice Hyde Medical Center

recently hired two new Certified Nurse-

Midwives. Kristina Colwell will begin

seeing patients at our Women’s Health

practice in November. Ash Draper will

begin seeing patients in December.

For an appointment, call